A designer is duty-bound to push the client as far as they will go.

Everything around us has a message developed from the field of design. We are 24 hours a day under the influence of design. For those who work directly in this profession, it’s a way to stay up collecting every detail, and then return it, interpreting it into visual and aesthetic codes, suitable for all audiences. My goal is to belong to a team that shares a perfectionist vision about graphic design and, therefore, try to find a better place in this world.

With more than ten years as a professional, I’m able to bring to your marketing and promotion department all my experience and, at the same time, an arsenal of creative/fresh ideas with effective and innovative visual results. My portfolio shows several different projects where I have developed various kinds of visual solutions, sometimes as graphic designer, sometimes as art director, creative, producer, etc. In fact, I’m a man band and still a terrific team player. I know how to recognize strengths and weaknesses when developing a project, which allows me to choose or suggest the best way to get the optimum results.

In my spare time I’m part of a media agency called: Kromatique Audiovisual Studio (

Intended to join to cross their professional vision and intended to deliver their best skills combination. Sharing three different sides, already interconnected at the time of been creating, together. I will be updating my own domain. Please, check my provisional portfolio at Behance.


Find me on Instagram & Skype as: mirabal78